Penguin Badminton Club was started in 1992 by 10 players who wanted a fun club, playing with others who enjoyed good spirited competition.

The aim was clear ' to make badminton accessible, fun and competitive to all abilities, ages and sexes on an equal basis.'

The club's success was so rapid that within 10 years we had 60+ members and 14 teams playing in the Surrey and Sutton Leagues. The success of both the competitive section and the social section meant that we had reached limitations in terms of growth. Therefore in 2003 it was decided that Penguin Badminton Club would split into two clubs.

King Penguin Badminton Club (formed in 2003) would have members of league standard only who were primarily interested in playing league competition.

Penguin Badminton Club would continue primarily as a social club and promote badminton to players of all abilities.